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After decades as an entrepreneur and business leader, Dave is transitioning to a life of public service with a goal to give back to this community that’s meant so much to him. 

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Investment. Involvement. Integrity. 

Honoring the past and preparing for the future. 

  • Chaffee is an inspiring community, with a rich history and culture. To prepare for the future we must honor the past – our beautiful mountains and rivers, a rich and historic mining history, the ranches and farms that have sustained this place for generations. We are connected by an obligation to this natural beauty and our community’s history.

  • The future is ours to create, and it will take all of us. We need team-oriented action towards enhancing the services and opportunities for all who choose to make Chaffee home. That means picking up the pace in creating top-notch education for all, accelerating workforce development, providing attainable living conditions, and local job opportunities right here in Chaffee County. 


Create services and opportunities for citizens of all ages. 

  • From childcare and education for families to more and affordable housing for the service workers who power our economy.


  • We need to prioritize the needs of seniors. Seniors make up a significant portion of Chaffee’s population and represent its history and culture. The opportunity to age in place, as well as the healthcare and services that enable it, should be available to all who want it.

Facilitating and strengthening cross-County connections.

  • Throughout Chaffee, we’re all interconnected: Salida, Poncha Springs, Buena Vista, Nathrop – people of all generations, native to newbie. 

  • Dave believes that we all want the best for this place we call home, and that this interconnection creates common ground.


Feedback, questions or different point of view?
Dave wants to hear from you.

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