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I'm Dave Armstrong

Community leader, volunteer, entrepreneur, and family man

You may not know me, but chances are you’ve been impacted by the work I’ve done in Chaffee over the last 15 years. I’ve started and run successful businesses like Altamont Landscaping and played a pivotal role in raising the money and political support to bring educational assets like Colorado Mountain College and Salida’s recent high school building to our community.


Dave has the experience needed to build the bridges that drive economic and social progress.

Dave thrives on challenges and has a track record of getting things done for this community. 

  • Dave has led dozens of teams and hundreds of employees and volunteers to accomplish big things

  • Dave has experience and success in finding common ground and gaining voter approval for some critical assets and services in Chaffee, like Colorado Mountain College and the building of the Salida high school

Dave believes there is strength in change, especially when we can learn from our past.

  • Dave believes in addressing today’s challenges, but also anticipating needs of the future

  • For example:

    • County operational effectiveness and efficiency

    • Workforce development to build, sustain economic growth

    • Housing and associated family support policies: childcare/childhood education and Aging in Place

    • Environmental protections and policies that sustain natural resources and quality of life in Chaffee

Dave is an independent leader

  • Dave thinks for himself and makes decisions based on the objectives he is working towards.

    • Supports team effectiveness

    • Strong results orientation

    • Seeks different perspectives before making decisions

    • Solves problems effectively

  • Dave has always championed leaders who put collaboration and community good above party or ideology

  • Dave is running for County Commissioner as a Democrat. He has voted for many Republicans, Independents, and Democrats - both nationally and locally

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