I believe it matters who is on your city council because our city needs to remember our past, both our triumphs and our failings. We should endeavor to create a magnet cultural history center to contextualize our city's past.

The value of such a center, if located in Uptown, must be multi-faceted. It would be a draw for visitors, a center for preserving and presenting how our city came to be, a means to foreshadow our future by recognizing trends, and a venue which acknowledges and preserves the history of all residents and neighborhoods.

From indigenous peoples and colonial eras through antebellum and reconstruction, Jim Crow and the ongoing struggle for civil rights and equity, and the shift from agricultural center to the high tech, medical, and educational center it is today, Greenville and its citizens have been through a lot. It's a history worth remembering.

Thanks to Roger Kammerer for your efforts to preserve Greenville's past.

We're all in this together.


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